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Best Halloween Costumes From Your Favorite Country Stars

Our favorite day of the year has finally arrived - Happy Halloween, y'all! While the spooky holiday falls today, many of the festivities occurred this past weekend. One of the best parts of Halloween is looking at the amazing costumes others are rocking. This year seemed especially great in that department, with many country stars making great contributions. With that, here's some of our favorites!

1. Kelsea Ballerini - An Angel

Technically, Kelsea Ballerini broke the rules of Halloween. You're supposed to dress up as something you're not, and she is a real-life angel. Still, we're in love with this look; we think it suits her so well! Her makeup is spectacular.

2. Tenille Arts - Beetlejuice

Complete with a green wig and special effects makeup, Tenille Arts had a flawless Beetlejuice costume. She looks great as the iconic Tim Burton character.

3. Charly Reynolds - Hannah Montana

In a well-put together last-minute costume, the "Tonight In Texas" singer dressed as a favorite, timeless Disney character. The sparkly Hannah Montana look was just made for her, and it matches her love of performing too! We need to steal those boots ASAP.

5. Maren Morris - Judy Gemstone

This is one of the best group costumes we've ever seen. Maren Morris and her squad dressed up as characters from The Righteous Gemstones. The group also received the stamp of approval from Edi Patterson, Judy Gemstone's actress herself.

6. Becca Bowen - A Mermaid

Everyone's favorite Country Barbie put her own spin on a classic Halloween costume. A moment of silence for the makeup, necklace, and pink hair. She's absolutely killing it!

7. Mackenzie Porter - A Witch

The rising star donned a stunning blue wig and stunning black dress underneath her hat. We're getting Mal from Descendants meets Wicked Witch Of The West vibes. What a stunner!

8. Madison Kozak - Spinelli

Madison Kozak and Griffen Palmer respectively went as Spinelli and TJ from the underrated cartoon show Recess. We love this idea, and they pulled it off so well!

9. Jessie James Decker - Gretchen

The "I Still Love You" artist is out here making fetch happen. She looks like a dead ringer for Lacey Chabert's classic Mean Girls character. The ears and the makeup are perfection.

10. Reba McEntire - Sandy

This titan of country music put her new clothing line with Dillards to good use. She's rocking Sandy's iconic black leather jacket from the movie Grease. With this outfit, Reba adds to her long list of impeccable outfits.

11. Karissa Ella - Jenny

Run Forrest run. The "Beautiful Is You" singer looks amazing as the beloved Forrest Gump character. This is one of our all-time favorite couples costumes! Also, can we talk about her beautiful headband?

12. Thomas Rhett - Pirate

Spooky Tom is here for all your Halloween needs! In a Dos Primos Tequila ad, the country superstar dons a fabulous wig and hat while pouring his drinks.

13. Kacey Musgraves - The Giving Tree

We conclude this list by declaring the winner of Halloween 2022. The "star crossed" singer dressed up as The Giving Tree from the classic Shel Silverstein book. In a TikTok showing off her costume, she held this book and a red solo cup, saying, "It's giving... tree?" (Get it?)

It is, queen. It's also giving iconic and brilliant. This genius moment lives rent free in several people's minds, including Lizzo's, who commented "Wow" on the TikTok.

We've already seen many country stars serving iconic looks this year, and Halloween isn't even over yet. The costumes of 2022, especially those from our favorite country stars, are all next level! We hope that these celebrity costumes brought you as much joy as they did for us. All Country News wishes y'all a safe and happy Halloween!

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