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Bill Abernathy Hones In On His Craft With New Track "Hide Away"

The accomplished Singer-Songwriter from Kansas City, began his remarkable journey from humble beginnings, being born in a condemned hospital. Throughout his life, in both his musical and corporate careers, he has embraced challenging transformations and trials, defying standard conventions and stereotypes all along the way.

Since his breakthrough in 2017 with the album "Find A Way," Bill has been leaving an indelible mark on the music world. His chart-topping single, “Goodbye Will Never Come Again,” soared to the #1 spot on the Roots Music Chart, setting the stage for an unconventional musical journey.

With his latest project More, fans will cling to his unique musical style and powerful voice will undoubtedly be drawn in by the thoughtful lyricism and expertly crafted melodies.

Of his favorite track Hide Away, Bill reflects on the artistry of the track. "The seed for this song was planted back in 2019. While I was on my way to a studio session for another album, a deep meaningful talk with a friend ignited some interesting thoughts for me reflect upon. Eager to preserve the fleeting thought, I pulled off the road to jot it down in a text to myself. This initial spark evolved into the bridge of the song," he told All Country News

"At first, the song seemed to be a mirror reflecting my friend's emotional struggles, but as the lyrics materialized on paper, I realized it was a self-portrait of my own inhibitions. It was me who was erecting emotional walls, dodging vulnerability, and steering clear of taking emotional risks."

Through honest story and song, Bill Abernathy continues the values and traditions of great country music.


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