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Billboard Top 20 Country Airplay For 2022 Holds This Years Biggest Songs, Is Your Pick Here?

December 23 2023

Earlier this month, Billboard released the top 10 most-played country airplay songs at radio in 2022. The list is full of surprises, as well as some country music staples in terms of artists. Let’s dive into the top 10 songs, and a fact about each one that you might not have known.

1. Take My Name – Parmalee

What you may not have known: Parmalee’s single, “Take My Name”, which beat out #2 by a large number of audience members (nearly 75 million spins), was an idea that came to the band when they were debating what is “the coolest way to ask, ‘will you marry me?’”

2. Thinking ‘Bout You – Dustin Lynch feat. MacKenzie Porter

What you may not have known: Dustin originally recorded and released the song with Lauren Alaina as part of his Tullahoma, but the problem arose when the song was ready to go to radio in 2021, it interfered with Lauren’s promotional plans for her upcoming album. This ultimately led to Dustin quickly re-recording the song with MacKenzie Porter and releasing it to radio.

3. ‘Til You Can’t – Cody Johnson

What you may not have known: Cody recently had a near-death experience that gave him a whole new perspective on the hit single… “I won’t go into it too completely, but I had a very, very scary near-death experience on a plane this year, on a private aircraft that literally was going down,” Johnson told CountryNow. “The engines failed. We were falling out of the sky.” Thankfully, his plane landed safely, but the experience led him to be extra emotional at his following performances.

4. Damn Strait – Scotty McCreery

What you may not have known: George Strait finally reacted to Scotty’s song earlier this year, commenting on social media “Damn Strait” to Scotty’s release of the music video. Another fun fact? The song was initially pitched to Chris Young.

5. The Kind of Love We Make – Luke Combs

What you may not have known: Luke finally felt comfortable cutting this song once he and his now wife, Nicole Combs, tied the knot, as well as the birth of their son, Tex. "'The Kind of Love We Make' is one of those songs that I wouldn't have been comfortable cutting when I was 24 or 25," he told Rolling Stone. "But at 32, I feel like I've lived a hundred lifetimes in those seven years in a lot of ways because I've been all over the world. I've met so many different people and it's like I'm married. It's like all these perspectives change. You're inevitably a different person."

6. She Had Me at Heads Carolina – Cole Swindell

What you may not have known: Cole had to get permission of the original songwriters in order to write the song. Mark Sanders and Tim Nichols gave him a quick approval, and Swindell had a tight deadline, as his album deadline was days after the initial idea. Luckily, he made the deadline in time for the song to get on his album “Stereotype”.

7. 23 – Sam Hunt

What you may not have known: “23”, a song where Sam reflects on past love, features some nostalgic artwork on the cover for the single. The artwork for the song uses an early photo of his wife’s aunt and uncle when they were a young couple. Sam and Hannah Lee Fowler have been on and off for years, and Sam doesn’t shy away from including love stories in his song lyrics.

8. Wasted on You – Morgan Wallen

What you may not have known: Morgan wrote this song with one of his best friends, ERNEST, and he admits this was one of the songs he did the most experimenting with on the album, adding a unique set of beats to the chorus. The lyrics are believed to be about his relationship with Katie Smith, who he began dating in 2017, and who gave birth to their son Indie in 2020.

9. Trouble With a Heartbreak – Jason Aldean

What you may not have known: “Trouble With a Heartbreak” was Jason’s 27th #1 song. His 26th #1 song, If I Didn’t Love You (feat. Carrie Underwood), and this one, have a unique common denominator. John Morgan was a primary songwriter on both songs. Aldean, and new artist Morgan, toured together this year and share the same record label (Broken Bow Records).

10. Wishful Drinking – Ingrid Andress and Sam Hunt

What you may not have known: Ingrid had written the song many years before she decided to cut it with Sam Hunt. She admitted she hated the lyrics before collaborating with Sam. Ingrid was shocked that Sam accepted her offer to record the song, and Sam admitted he was a big fan of hers. After hearing Sam’s vocals on the track, she was a bit jealous: "I was like, 'You sound better than me on this, and it makes me upset,'" she laughed.

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