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Brandon Davis Pays Tribute To Life's Moments In New Album "‘Life’s Too Short."

Brandon Davis takes every moment in stride with a greater appreciation for the world around him and his new album is a tribute to that homegrown value.

Today, country music renaissance man Brandon Davis brings 17 songs to life. The dynamic album explores themes including love, heartbreak, mortality, faith, living life without regret. Davis' heart lives in each one of the tracks as he tells his story and hopes you find yours in the tracks as well.

Kicking off the album is the clever heartache tune Still Gonna Be. Davis' classic country growl backed by a simple strum and a groovy drum, narrates all of the distractions he hopes will mask the pain he feels about loosing "the one."

I can slide a quarter in the jukebox get lost

I can pour a double whiskey over ice all night

I can tell myself my heart don’t hurt like hell

Try to wish you back until the break of dawn

But you're still gonna be gone, gone, gone

"Sometimes love hits you in a way thats gonna keep you down for a bit," Davis told All Country News. "And it takes you the right person to pull you out. I feel like this song is that anthem," he continues.

The Tennessee native shows off his range in the title track Life's Too Short. The heart of Davis’ thought process behind the album can be seen on the clever track. Pulling listeners in with his silky smooth croon and classic country stylings the song reminds us all to live for today. Plus who doesn't love a 90s country feel. "I feel like this song is just the statement that needs to me made," the riser told All Country News. "It is a reminder to live in the moment, live for what you have, and not to let a single moment slip by."

Slowing things down a bit, For Sale Sign has to be our favorite off the album. In just over three minutes, Davis invites fans to reminisce on things they have had to let go and all the memories they hold.

There’s a lifetime just beyond that swinging screen door

We played Batman, dad watched football

It was sure a damn good life

No it ain’t the house I’m worried about

It’s the memories behind that for sale sign

Whether it is your childhood home or your first truck, these things we take for granted hold memories of a lifetime. In a genre that is built on vivid imagery, strong stories and connection, this song excels and is a country classic.

Steadfast in sharing life's moments and allowing fans to find their stories in his songs, Brandon Davis is the voice we need in country music. Showcasing his versatility with a blend of 90s country, modern rock, pop and more, with tracks that range from driving country-rock anthems to heartfelt acoustic ballads, Life's Too Short is one of the best projects of the year.


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