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Brantley Gilbert Is Back With Highly Personal New Album

Brantley Gilbert released his long-awaited new album today, with five brand new songs, including a new one with Blake Shelton and Vince Gill titled “Heaven By Then”. Brantley took to Instagram to make the official release announcement:

“My new album #SoHelpMeGod is OUT NOW. This album is a mixtape of great songs, and for me, there’s no better way to introduce the project than with my new single #HeavenByThen. This song wouldn’t be possible without my co-writers Hardy, Brock Berryhill, Michael Hardy, Jake Mitchell, Randy Montana, (Hunter) Phelps and Taylor Phillips and the legends of country music singing on it with me. Thank you @BlakeShelton and @vincegillofficial for giving it a voice I didn’t have. Link in bio to listen #BGNation.”

In a recent interview also posted to Brantley’s socials regarding the highly anticipated track, “Heaven By Then”, Brantley said:

“It was like everybody writing in the middle of the night… a guitar ended up in HARDY’s lap, and that’s usually a good sign that something is about to turn into something special… to have Blake and Vince on it was a bucket list thing that I didn’t know was on my bucket list… I feel like they gave it a voice I didn’t have.”

HARDY wrote four of the ten songs on album and was clearly a big part of the record. He commented on Brantley’s Instagram post announcing the record was out, exclaiming:

“Let’s gooooo dude. Thanks so much for including me in this awesome project”

“We were on a writing retreat in Texas that we do every year, and everybody was out on the porch. I don’t remember who threw a word in here or there and who didn’t, so, we ended up with a bunch of writers on ‘Heaven By Then,’” Gilbert notes. “And I love songs like that. It came out of a conversation. A guitar ended up in HARDY’s lap, which is usually a good sign that it’s about to turn into something special. I think we all knew that as it was being written. It came to life that night.”

“In the past, my albums were almost direct reflections, direct chapters of my life,” shares Gilbert. “Whatever I’d gone through since I wrote the last record would make its way onto the new album. There’s still some of that with So Help Me God since I’m a cowriter on all the songs – it’s been three years since the last release and a lot of life lived. But I feel like this album is more of a mixtape of great songs.”

“We wanted to put songs that sounded good together, but also songs that covered a wide variety of genre influences,” Gilbert elaborates. “There’s a lot of different songwriting styles on the album. We’re super excited about it, and I can’t wait for BG Nation to hear what we’ve been working on.”

The new album is the perfect blend of grit and soul. Brantley's ability to collaborate with some of Nashville's finest only helps his story shine brighter.

Brantley hasn’t released a new album since October 2019 when he released “Fire & Brimstone”, so this was one fans have been waiting on for a while. Brantley also has a big co-headlining tour with Five Finger Death Punch and special guest Cory Marks, kicking off November 9th in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You can find more information on the tour and the new album at

“So Help Me God” Track list:

1. "Heaven by Then" with Blake Shelton and Vince Gill

2. "Rolex on a Redneck" with Jason Aldean

3. "Miles of Memories"

4. "She's the One"

5. "The Worst Country Song of All Time" with Toby Keith and HARDY

6. "Son of the Dirty South" with Jelly Roll

7. "How to Talk to Girls"

8. "Little Piece of Heaven"

9. "Gone But Not Forgotten"

10. "So Help Me God"

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