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BREAKING Zach Bryan Promises New Music In '23 "I've Never Been More Excited For Anything In My Life"

Zach Bryan has had a breakthrough year beginning with the release of his hit album "American Heartbreak" in May 2022. The album opened at No. 5 on the Billboard charts which was a huge success for such a young artist in the industry. The album's extremely personal stories of love, pain and everything in between have connected listeners in a way that music lovers have not seen in a very long time.

Zach took to twitter today 11/30 to give fans a surprise early holiday gift.

Zach Bryan Via Twitter

Since then, Bryan has been bread-crumming us along dropping new songs at any moment. Often thanks to persistent fans on Twitter! I guess that is a massive perk of being fiercely independent, something we think country music could use more of.

Just over a year ago, Zach Bryan was honorably discharged from his time in the U.S. Navy to focus on a music career that began with a Youtube video filmed outside of his Navy barrack. Fast forward to the present day, Bryan's raw combination of country and folk is sweeping the music industry. Music is emotional and clearly Zach-Mania is sweeping the genre, offing a deeper meaning too the game.

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