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Breakout Solo Star Tyler Hubbard Drops Music Video For "Baby Gets Her Lovin'"

Tyler Hubbard is on a roll, y’all. Just a few weeks ago, he dropped the wholesome music video for “Inside And Out,” an anthem dedicated to his kids about the importance of both inner and outer beauty. And Friday morning, he dropped a visualizer accompanying the absolute banger that is “Baby Gets Her Lovin.” The song itself features adorable lyrics yet high-energy instrumentals, all contributing to an irresistible chorus that goes hard. Come on, it’s impossible not to scream and headbang along when Hubbard sings “When that last call gets to callin', y'all, my baby gets her lovin' from me.” This track has long been a fan-favorite of the star’s debut EP, Dancin’ In The Country, and we’re so glad it’s the next single.

The video takes place in a disco ball-illuminated roller rink, reminiscent of Hubbard’s childhood memories of going skating every weekend. It was filmed prior to the previously released “Everybody Needs A Bar,” which features many of the same dancers and skaters. Hubbard reflected that he had such a fun time with them, he just had to invite them back for another project. We don’t blame him, and can feel the infectious joy through our screens as we watch the project on loop.

“I wanted to shoot a video that was visually unique and different, and that really represented the feeling of the song, so we took it to the skating rink and mixed it up a bit,” Hubbard explained. “It was nostalgic for me to go back to a skating rink, shoot a music video and bring back some of the elements of my childhood that I loved. It also gave me a chance to dust off my skates, which was something I hadn’t done in a while.” And we’re so glad he did - we love the finished product.

Longtime country fans are sure to recognize Hubbard’s name from the iconic duo Florida Georgia Line. There’s a good chance that even mainstream fans would have at least heard of him - FGL is behind the 2013 smash hit “Cruise” and featured on Bebe Rexha's hit "Meant To Be." We were sad to see the duo take a break from making music together, especially after its 10 year strong history, but we’re loving Hubbard’s solo projects. In concert, fans can catch the star opening for Keith Urban on his Speed of Now world tour. His debut solo album drops on January 27, 2023. It will feature “Baby Gets Her Lovin” along with the rest of the songs on his debut EP, as well as some we’ve never heard before. Keep killing it, Tyler - we can’t wait for it!

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