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Brent Cobb Shows Off His Masterful Storytelling In Love Letter To The South In “Southern Star”

Being from the south has become a trendy anecdote in 2023, but for Grammy Award winning Brent Cobb the sonics and stories from this region are his muse. Throwing his hat into the rich tapestry of musicians that call the south home, Cobb's latest album Southern Star serves as a love letter to roots in Georgia.

Jace Kartye

Honoring tride and true southern sensibilities, Brent Cobb once again solidifies his reign of being of today's most earnest storytellers. The title track serves as a universal reminder. Between the soft strum of the guitar and Cobb's subtle twang a earnest message lies. Reminding us all that matter where this crazy life takes you, there is a guiding light that can bring you back to the slow paced south. Taking ownership and pride in his roots, Cobb invites fans into a little part of his own story.

"I decided to use all local musicians," says Cobb, who self-produced the album with help from Oran Thorton. "I wanted Southern Star to shine a light on the southern players who are still living and working in Macon. Everyone on the album is a Georgia native apart from Jimmy Matt Rowland, who plays keys, and Oran Thornton, my engineer and co-producer. That's it. I wanted to capture that 'southern eclectic' sound on this album, and I don't think you can capture it without being in it," Cobb said in a recent press release.

An ode to the rebel is all of us, the funky and upbeat Devil Ain't Done shows off Brent’s producing chops as well. With instrumentation that feels like you’re jamming with in the garage during band practice the track just makes your heart feel good, plus who doesn’t love a harmonica solo.

Perhaps the most thought provoking song is the only solo right on the project. When Country Came Back to Town. The track is calm, yet cleverly complex Diving into what is often a topic that ruffle feathers in tow, Cobb shows a vulnerable side and offers up his two cents. Rattling off different big-name stars, like Tyler Childers and the Stapleton's, Brent honors the unsung hero’s of the indie country scene that are helping in keeping the spirit alive.

Of the album, Cobb reflects, “You know how when you’re growing up, you’re told that if you ever get lost out there, look for the northern star to help find direction back home? Well, I’m from Georgia. So, I always look for the southern star. This album, the songs, the sounds… it’s all a product of where I’m from both musically and environmentally. Historically and presently that place also happens to be the same place that cultivated a good many of the most influential artists in the whole world of music. Music as we know it would not exist without the American south. It’s funky and sentimental. It’s simple and complex.”

Southern Star is an enchanting deep dive into the roots and mind of one of today's best. Cobb extends his streak of music that’s deeply earnest and unflashily produced. A collection of easy beats, soft strums and universal stories of growing up, love and hope, Cobb's artistry quickly becomes an earmworm. Southernly stoic, Brent Cobb solidifies himself as one of today's most dynamic storytellers.


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