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Caitlynne Curtis Takes The Blame In Soulful Breakup Track With "You Were Right"

All to often relationships end in a battle of he said she said. But rising country songstress Caitlynne Curtis is flipping the script.

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Today, the Boston native and rising songstress owns up to her wrongdoings in the thought provoking You Were Right.

I could lie and say you didn't love me like you did Curtis belts with her signature groovy vibrato. The introspective track explores all the baggage that as humans we can bring into a relationship, and how sometimes it is our own fault. After blaming the whiskey or her drunken mind, Caitlynne comes to terms that maybe she needs to change and take the blame. In just over three minutes the piano heavy ballad allows fans to reflect on their own faults.

"A lot of times in relationships we tend to only look at the others faults or blame them when things go bad.. I wanted to write something from the other perspective. Looking at the things I could’ve done better and accepting my own faults and how they played a part. The only real way to heal is honesty and taking accountability," Curtis tells All Country News.

A thoroughly engaging listen, You Were Right serves as a yellow brick to stardom for the rising star. Not afraid to sing about real topics and connect with her fans in a meaningful way, Caitlynne Curtis is leading the pack of powerhouse women in Music City!


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