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Caleb Lee Hutchinson Awarded All Country News "Artist Of The Year" For Outstanding Partnership

The American Idol alum had a huge 2023! Since endearing America on season 16 of American Idol on ABC, Caleb Lee Hutchinson has been taking the country music scene by storm and has brought All Country News along for the ride. Thanks to his wonderful partnership with our organizatoin, we are proud to present Caleb Lee Hutchsinson with the All Country News 2023 Artist of the Year Award!

The annual All Country News Artist of the Year Award goes to the artist who has gone above and beyond in their partnership with All Country News throughout the year, and without a doubt Caleb Lee Hutchinson has made an incredible impact on our programming in 2023.

After a whirlwind of a couple of years, the Dallas, Georgia native says that he is finally settled into his artistry. With that, we were gifted his debut album Southern Galactic, to which Caleb said, " If Elon Musk lands us on Mars and they build a honky tonk, this is music designed to be played in it. This is the jukebox."

Known for his rich storytelling and infectious twang, Caleb gave fans twelve songs that cover any everything from heartache, growth and a damn good time. "To me, this whole era in my personal life has been about just kind of self-discovery and becoming myself truly for the first time as a person and an artist. And I think the music is kind of reflective of that. So this is sort of my reinvention era, I suppose." Caleb shared during his All Country News Podcast interview (listen here).

Every last note of the album demands your full attention. From tender moments of growth to acute moments of everyday life, Southern Galactic serves as an album country music has been needing. Inventive and bright, Caleb Lee Hutchinson stamps his ticket on the train to the top.

Listen Here

All Country News Partnership Highlights

Congratulations to Caleb Lee Hutchinson, and cheers to a bright 2024!

- The All Country News Team

Shane Huston, Caleb Lee Hutchinson, Bobbi Dixon


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