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Canaan Cox Premeires Vulnerable New Video For Single "Hate Me More"

January 27th 2023

Today’s country artists, especially those just introducing themselves to the music scene, prove that there’s more to their genre than what meets the eye. Sure, a cold beer, a tailgate, and a ten million-acre farm make great subjects for songs - but country music covers more than living the dream outdoor lifestyle. In his newest single, “Hate Me More,” Canaan Cox assures fans that it’s okay not to be okay.

Photo credit: Anneliese Loughead

“Lyrically, this is one of the most vulnerable songs I’ve written,” reflected the singer. “To admit to yourself that you’re not doing ok, is incredibly hard sometimes. I came into the write knowing the hook ‘I tell everyone I hate you but I hate me more, cause I can’t stop loving you.’ I wanted the music to match the aggressiveness of the inner struggle of that situation. After playing around with some ideas I think we nailed the music to match the lyrics.”

“Hate Me More” and its accompanying visualizer exemplify the rising star’s wide range of talents, which extends beyond his effortless, charismatic country-pop vocals. His communicative, vulnerable songwriting resonates with a broad audience, reminding listeners that they’re not alone in their experiences. His impeccable on-camera presence and acting skills shine through in the self-directed, self-produced video.

Throughout his life, several styles of music have surrounded Cox - including his father’s Conway Twitty records, his mother’s touring band, his sisters’ pop playlists, and his musical theater classes at Catawba College. Such a diverse background molds Cox’s unique sound, which the singer describes as a blend between contemporary country, pop, and a hint of R&B. Cox’s versatility sets his craft apart from Nashville’s sea of newcomers, and increases the radio-friendliness of his voice.

In Cox’s discography, “Hate Me More” follows “As You Leave,” which exponentially grew the singer’s outreach through the support of Bobby Bones. The famous radio personality had admired Cox’s drive, and invited him to appear on his show with 9.2 million listeners. “As You Leave” dropped in January of last year, kickstarting the most successful year yet of Cox’s career. In 2022, his streaming numbers multiplied by 10, and his songs appeared in editorial playlists by Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon.

Fans should also stay tuned an EP, dropping May 5th, featuring “Hate Me More” and four other resonant tracks. “I’ve had many people reach out, giving me their life story or love stories of how my music has helped them through a rough time, a breakup, or simply their morning commute,” said Cox. “My goal with this forthcoming EP is to expand on, having each song be a story that everyone can relate to.”

We can’t wait to hear the rest of the EP, as it’s sure to touch listeners’ hearts in several ways. The passion, care, and authenticity that Cox puts into his art truly inspires us. We’re so grateful to be following his journey!

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