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Carly Pearce Pens A Love Letter To Country In Playful New Single "Country Music Made Me Do It"

For many country music fans, the music becomes an obsession or even a lifeline. Perhaps one of the biggest proponents of his thought is decorated country songstress Carly Pearce. Like an old friend, country music has always been there for Pearce, through the good, bad and ugly.

Allister Ann

Feverishly clever and always speaking her mind, the effervescent Carly seems to be happier than ever in the nostalgic Country Music Made Me Do It. Narrating all the things she has done that she can blame on the toe tapping genre seems to be a significant departure from her earlier works, focusing more on her new found happiness.

“‘Country Music Made Me Do It’ is the essence of this next chapter for me,” Pearce shared recently. “I wrote this song as an autobiographical anthem, but I can’t wait to hear the ways YOUR story has been influenced by country music.”

Co written by Carly alongside Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne, the autobiographical track connects. Through a steady beat and just enough fiddle, Carly's bright vocal pays homage to stories and sonics that made this Kentucky girl a life long country fan. Not only is the track a love letter to the genre but invites others to find their stories in the song.

Through song and story Carly Pearce has never been afraid to be herself and offer up earnest transparency about her story. With personal lines like "That time that I changed my last name / That time that I changed it back ... Country music made me do it," Pearce continues to expand her musical tapestry one stitch and one fan at a time.


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