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Carly Pearce Premieres "What He Didn't Do" Music Video

At this point, we're not even sure if Carly Pearce is a human, or some goddess or angel sent from the heavens. Her breathtaking voice, heartfelt songwriting, and charismatic stage presence have allowed her to accomplish huge things this year. Fresh off of a European headlining tour, the reigning CMA and ACM Female Vocalist Of The Year has just premiered a visualizer for her current single "What He Didn't Do," with CMT.

"This music video shows my story of What He Didn't Do perfectly and I am so excited to share it with y'all tomorrow on CMT," Pearce wrote on her Instagram story on Monday. The video, directed by Alexa Campbell, may feature only one location and a limited number of shots, but it contains several layers of subtext and symbolism that would take hours to unpack in full. Wearing a white wedding dress, Pearce stands against the backdrop of a beach sunset, slowly but surely walking into the ocean until she fully submerges herself. Stunning yet moving underwater shots show Pearce struggling to breathe and stay afloat, as her dress moves with the currents of the ocean and wraps around her legs.

This depicts a commonly seen pattern in toxic or abusive relationships - often, people ignore the hurt their partner inflicts as it comes little by little. But before you know it, you're in far too deep, and you have emotional wounds that feel impossible to heal. However, Pearce reminds us that it is never too late to pull yourself out and just start over. In the scene where Pearce finally rises above the water, the camera vividly captures her change of emotions - instead of drained, she now feels relieved.

"For me, I wanted to show the rebirth of where I am now in my life," Pearce explained. "It kind of feels like a wash of what has happened to me and I came out on the other side." Pearce also shared that she watched the video with her mother, who also completely absorbed its emotional and deeply personal subtext. "She cried because she could so clearly see the imagery of what we were trying to do."

"What He Didn't Do" is the final single on Pearce's latest album, 29: Written In Stone. The emotional and empowering song details Pearce's decision to walk away from an ex, who failed to give her what she deserved in the relationship. This song has comforted many through breakups and hard moments in life. With beautiful visuals, Pearce's story came to life in another dimension. We doubt that any of its viewers could keep their eyes dry, especially those who can relate to the lyrics. We'll tell you that we were ugly crying the whole time.

With the "What He Didn't Do" video release, Pearce adds yet another triumph to her 29 era. Just a few days ago, the track was certified Gold by the RIAA, and her duet with Ashley McBryde "Never Wanted To Be That Girl" went #1. She recently performed at the iHeart Radio music festival, collaborated with superstar Kelsea Ballerini on the hit "You're Drunk, Go Home," and sang "Dear Miss Loretta" at the Opry in honor of the late Coal Miner's Daughter. CMT recently announced her as one of its Artists of the Year, and she holds five pending CMA nominations.

The "What He Didn't Do" video only cements Pearce's status as one of country music's biggest inspirations. We hope Pearce knows just how many hearts she continues to touch, and how many people feel saved by her art. We're so immensely proud of her.

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