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Carly Pearce Teases New Self-Written Song On Social Media

Could Carly Pearce be releasing new music soon?

The recent ACM Awards host just shared a snippet of a brand new track she wrote, entitled “We Don’t Fight Anymore.” Of course it’s a mesmerizing masterpiece, because what else could you expect from the legend that is Carly Pearce? We need the whole song to drop, like, yesterday.

With heartfelt tunes like “Every Little Thing” and “Never Wanted To Be That Girl,” Pearce has cemented herself as a master of storytelling through music. “We Don’t Fight Anymore” seems no different, and already is tugging at several heartstrings. “We don’t cuss, and we don’t care enough to even hate,” explains Pearce in her raw lyrics. Such a point of exhaustion in a relationship, even beyond which couples fight, seems so frustrating. We can’t wait for Pearce to share more about her experiences in this department with us.

Currently nominated for five CMA awards and set to open for Blake Shelton, Pearce has a huge year ahead of her. The first anniversary of her newest album, 29: Written In Stone, is fast approaching, while Pearce is touring in Europe. We’re so proud of her for her accomplishments thus far and excited for everything that’s in store.

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