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Catie Offerman Encourages Her Unlovable Ex To "Get A Dog" In New Music Video

It's no secret that dogs are simply superior to people. These sweet, unconditionally loving pets share a special bond with us. Their adorable faces and habits can melt even the coldest of hearts, perhaps even that no-good ex's. The up-and-coming Catie Offerman captures this sentiment in her newest music video, which premiered yesterday. Accompanying the previously released single, "Get A Dog," it allows her developing artistry and storytelling to shine.

“This song is for anyone who has ever dated someone who was basically unlovable,” explained Offerman. “Not calling, staying out late, coming home drunk, acting crazy - guys and girls are both guilty of it. When we find those people in our lives, instead of trying to fix them, we just need to tell them to hit the road and get a dog - cause that’s the only thing on earth that'll love them!”

"Get A Dog," co-written with Joe Clemmons (Gabby Barrett, Ryan Hurd) and Aaron Eshuis (Cole Swindell, Scotty McCreery), also draws inspiration from the singer's connection to her own fur babies. Meet the adorable Holly and Pearl!

The track incorporates a steady beat, captivating harmonica riffs, and straight-to-the-point lyrics. It doubles as a ruthless breakup song and a celebration of man's adorable best friend. Offerman's musical style echoes the likes of George Strait and Miranda Lambert, of course sharing the latter's love for animals. We hope that "Get A Dog" and its visualizer brightened your day as much as it did for us!

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