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Catie Offerman & Hayes Carl Create Honky Tonk Magic In "Ask Me To Dance"

We are sure that we have all been there at least once in our lives. Closing time is approaching and the one person who have had your eye on all night, still hasn't made a move.

Today Texas native and country songstress Catie Offerman teams up with Hayes Carl for one of the brightest duets of the year with Ask Me To Dance.

Written by Offerman, Brent Cobb and Neil Medley, and produced by Dann Huff, the unique honky tonk beat is brought to life by Offerman's sweet tone matched with Carl's grit. "I'm getting bored and the nights getting old," the duo sing in style.

The song's playfulness is infectious, perfectly capturing that love drunk feeling a night out can sometimes offer. Plus the clever push and pull of the storyline keeps listeners on their toes while reminiscing on a time they have found themselves in this situation.

“I love listening back to the work tape - it’s the best kind of laid back, and it reminds me of a Texas dancehall at closing time. When we started talking about the song going on my (upcoming) project, I immediately thought of Hayes. He’s one of my favorite singer-songwriters and one of my favorite Texans. I am so grateful that he said yes to being a part of this song," Offerman said in a press release.

Like a modern day Johnny and June, Offerman and Carl play off each other with finesse and ease. With a traditional flair and a resigning storyline, Ask Me To Dance makes you want to get up off your barstool and scuff up your boots.


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