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Chase Rice Steps Into His Own With New Album 'I Hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go To Hell'

February 10th 2023

We are here to tell you, that 2023 is the year of Chase Rice.

Photo Credit: Kaiser Cunningham

Country star Chase Rice is out for redemtion, for himself and for his fans. The hitmaker dropped the career defining I Hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go To Hell, today.

The 13 track storybook takes fans side the mind and wild ride that the North Carolina native has gone on during his time in the spotlight.

“People always say that Nashville is a 10-year town; that it usually takes 10 years of grinding to finally reach that moment of breakthrough success,” reflects Rice, “For me, though, I was part of a group of songwriters that found lightning in a bottle immediately when I moved to town. It was a wild ride that I hung onto and tried to replicate as much as I could. What I’ve realized, though, is that I never identified who I am as my own artist. Now, a decade later, I know that my 10 years in this town were all about discovering my true self and getting to this point of releasing an album that I can honestly say reflects the man I want to be from start to finish," Rice said in a statement.

Chase's raw honesty about himself and his place in the genre, allowed him to finally create for himself, and not who he thought he had too.

The project comes in waves, and follows the highs and lows of Chase. The album's opening track sets the tone from the get, that this Chase is new and raw. “Walk That Easy,” tells the timeless tale of strong love with the sonic offering of a new found Chase.

The whole album reflects a new birth. From strong storytelling to a sonic landscape that is where Chase clearly thrives. For us the standout track is “Oklahoma” (featuring the Sooner State’s own Read Southall Band). The song's melodic waves and impressive climax allows fans to feel the music that Chase has been longing to create.

From top to bottom, each track is thoughtfully and meticulously crafted from instrumentation to melody to lyric. Fans will feel the full gambit of emotions while listening, and isn't that the goal of music.

You can see the growth within Chase throughout the project, and we do agree with him. We think this is his best yet. Chase is shedding the old and tapping into the now. Chase isn't hiding behind expectations anymore, welcome to the new Chase Rice.

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