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Chris Lane Mourns Love And Bar Lost In Ice Cold "Find Another Bar"

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

A breakup can sting, but loosing your favorite hangout because of it is ice cold.


Today Chis Lane is celebrating his new label home at Red Street Records with a home run of a breakup anthem in Find Another Bar.

Co-written by Lane, Josh Thompson, and Justin Ebach, the track captures the gut wrenching feeling of not only loosing the girl, but also now your favorite hole in the wall. Frustrated with his new found reality, Lane sings You found a new man/You found some new friends/You got a new black dress I ain’t seen you in/Got your hair cut and your nails did, yeah If looks could kill, I’d be real dead in a tender yet defeated vocal.

“I’ve been waiting on this day for a long time and excited to have the first one of many to come this year finally out!” shares Lane. “I wrote ‘Find Another Bar’ with Josh Thompson and Justin Ebach trying to find a different way to write a breakup song and I’m proud of how it turned out! I know there will be a lot of people who can relate to it," Lane reflected in a press release.

The painfully relatable track is full of neon heartbreak and a clever hook. Held together by Lane's signature tone backed by with rich guitar and the pounding beat of a heart barely holding things together. Chris's creativity and innate ability to tell a story to the fullest in on display in Find Another Bar. The song cleverly personifies defeat and heartbreak under the neon in only three minutes.

With a new label home and new found perspective, Chris Lane is stepping into a new era and it is only up from here!


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