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Chris Stapleton Shares His 10 Must-Haves

In a recent video with GQ, the acclaimed country music artist Chris Stapleton gave fans an intimate look into the elements that make up his daily life. Beyond the glitz and glamour of the stage, Stapleton's essentials tell a story of personal connections, cherished memories, and a deep appreciation for the simple yet meaningful things in life.

1. Guitar Chair: A Seat of Musical Journey

Stapleton introduces us to a chair with a history as rich as his music. This chair, recovered by his mother in the late '80s, has been a constant companion since his childhood. From playing guitar in his early days to being a witness in the recording studio, this chair holds the stories of Stapleton's musical journey.

2. Jazz Master: A Gift of Musical Inspiration

The 1964 Jazzmaster holds a special place in Stapleton's heart. A gift from his wife, this guitar is not just a pristine instrument; it's a tool that has shaped Stapleton's musical identity. From its mint condition beginnings to the honest wear it acquired over the years, the Jazzmaster is a testament to the authenticity and dedication Stapleton brings to his craft.

3. Guitar: The Foundation of Songwriting

A worn-out 1950s Gibson LG-2, this guitar witnessed the birth of countless songs in Stapleton's career. Despite its battered appearance and numerous repairs, this instrument remains a foundational piece in Stapleton's songwriting and record-making journey.

4. Jeep: A Rolling Tribute to 'Traveller'

Stapleton's 1979 Jeep Cherokee is not just a mode of transportation; it's a vessel of memories. Gifted by his wife after the passing of his father, this jeep has undergone a modern makeover, making it a reliable companion on the road. The Jeep played a pivotal role in Stapleton's creative process, notably being the backdrop for writing the song "Traveller."

5. Knives: A Symbol of Respect and Heritage

The collection of knives Stapleton inherited from his father and grandfather represents more than just tools. In Eastern Kentucky, knives were given as a sign of respect. As Stapleton holds and admires these blades, he feels a profound connection to his heritage, using them as a way to remember his family.

6. Flags: Honoring Family Legacy

A World War II veteran's flag, belonging to Stapleton's grandfather, stands as a reminder of sacrifice and hard work. Displayed in his office, the flag serves as a symbol of family legacy and a source of inspiration for Stapleton's own endeavors.

7. Hat: The Iconic Headwear

Stapleton's signature hat, affectionately named "Precious" by his crew, has become synonymous with his image. A vintage Charlie 1 Horse creation from the late '70s or early '80s, this hat is not just a fashion statement, it's a piece of Stapleton's identity that has weathered countless performances.

8. Blanket: A Family Heirloom

A handmade blanket from Stapleton's great-grandmother carries decades of warmth and comfort. Passed down through generations, this blanket is a tangible link to Stapleton's familial roots and a cherished possession that holds sentimental value beyond measure.

9. Boots: Custom-Made for the Journey

Custom-made Lucchese boots tell a story of radio tours, everyday wear, and countless memories. Stapleton's practical approach to fashion is evident in his choice of these boots, reflecting his down-to-earth personality and genuine appreciation for items that tell a tale.

10. Jackets: Filson's Utilitarian Elegance

A Filson jacket completes Stapleton's essentials, embodying utilitarian elegance. Whether performing at the Super Bowl or navigating daily life, this wax cotton jacket is Stapleton's go-to choice for its reliability and versatility.

In this glimpse into Chris Stapleton's world, we see a man whose essentials go far beyond the glimmering lights of the stage. Each item holds a story, a memory, and a connection to the artist's journey through life and music. From the worn-out guitar to the vintage hat, Stapleton's essentials reveal the genuine, down-to-earth soul behind the music.


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