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Chrissy Metz & Bradley Collins Team Up For Children's Book & Lullaby Album

Actress and singer Chrissy Metz, perhaps best known for her portrayal of Kate Pearson in This Is Us, is now venturing into children's entertainment! With her boyfriend Bradley Collins, she has created a children's book (When I Talk To God, I Talk About You) and accompanying lullaby album (Prayed For This Day).

Photo credit: Jamie McCarthy for Getty Images

Metz' experience as a preschool teacher inspired her to take on this project. "Reading to the class was always such a special part of the day. Watching cognitive skills, imagination, inquiry and empathy grow through the stories we read was amazing," Metz told All Country News.

"Prayer has always been important for Bradley and I in our individual lives since when were young. Additionally, we all know how beneficial it is to bolster young minds and hearts with self-esteem, confidence, encouragement and unconditional love," continued Metz. In that spirit, she hopes that her book can gently introduce kids to Christianity. "Bradley and I agree the way we were raised was vital to our self confidence and ultimately the way we walked through the world. We wanted to impart upon the reader that through loving encouragement and a connection to God we all have a journey and purpose."

Through an immersive listening experience, the album aims to add another dimension to the book's stories. "The animals Lisa Fields illustrated in the book come to life in the songs. After being read the book for an endearing lesson at bedtime, our hope is that Chrissy's powerful, dream-like vocals on the lullabies will send children to a peaceful night's sleep," reflected Collins. "When Chrissy and I finished the book, we felt like there was more to the story. We wanted to keep creating together, and you know; writers have to write. So when we teamed up with Phil Barton, the songs kept coming. We had a great time writing these lullabies with Phil, and we were honored to co-write several songs with the legendary Liz Rose and our friend Jennifer Wayne of Runaway June."

We hope that When I Talk To God, I Talk About You and Prayed For This Day brightened your day as much as they did ours! In a phenomenal book and well-rounded album, equally incorporating relaxing and fun elements, Metz and Collins have outdone themselves. This goes to show that there's nothing the multitalented star can't do!


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