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Cody Cozz Paints The Perfect Picture Of His Upbringing In Latest Single "I'm Just A Country Song"

Country riser Cody Cozz is about to take you down memory lane!

Today 25 year old Colorado native and modern traditionalist Cody Cozz dropped the next single on his journey to stardom I'm Just A Country Song. The lyrically driven tune is a flashback at its finest. With bright melodies, vivid imagery combined with Cody's smooth tone, the song is a swift return to the country music we all grew up loving! The tender tune was penned by friend and mentor Craig Campbell. Cody a traditionalist at heart immediately knew he had to go to he studio and cut it.

“Country music has changed my life," Cody shared. "This song spoke to me on so many levels. We all have a song that we can relate to and attach ourselves to and that’s what this song means to me. “Three chords and the truth will set you free” is the truest statement out there. There is nothing better than crankin’ up the radio and just going for a long drive to let go. I can’t wait for everyone to hear some true country music again and I hope people love it as much as I do.”

Between captivating storytelling and a fresh take on the themes all country fans crave, Cody Cozz once again showcases his range and true love of connecting with his fans.


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