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Cody Johnson Lassoing Hearts and Dreams with Inaugural COJO OPEN Team Roping Event

In a thrilling fusion of country music and cowboy tradition, platinum-selling artist Cody Johnson has announced the inaugural COJO OPEN team roping event. Set to take place from October 15-19, 2024, at the Cadence Bank Center Arena in Belton, Texas, this event promises to be a spectacular celebration of the cowboy spirit.

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE - JUNE 07: Cody Johnson attends night two of The 51st CMA Fest at Nissan Stadium on June 07, 2024 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for CMA)

Johnson, who has always been deeply connected to the cowboy way of life, shared his excitement about the event. "Team roping has all but consumed my life since 2020, and roping is what I do to get away from the smoke and lights," he said. Reflecting on his roots as a former bull rider, he added, "When I’m out there horseback with a rope in my hand, I just get to be who I am at the core, and that’s a cowboy."

The COJO OPEN is not just a sporting event; it's a charitable endeavor. Proceeds will benefit the Texas FFA and the Different Day Foundation, a charity founded by Johnson and his wife, Brandi. This foundation is dedicated to providing housing, healthcare, and empowering employment to women who have been victims of sex trafficking in America.

Johnson's vision for the COJO OPEN extends beyond the arena. "I want this roping to not only grow into a life-changing event that pays ropers a pile of money and prizes but also generates enough for charity that we change people’s lives who don’t know a steer’s head from his tail," he explained. His passion for giving back is evident as he speaks about his goals for the event. "This week of roping has the potential to grow into something huge."

Drawing inspiration from the legendary George Strait Team Roping Classic, which ran for 35 years and fulfilled many cowboys' dreams, Johnson hopes to create a legacy of his own. "I wanted to respectfully pick up the torch," he said, expressing his admiration for the iconic event.

Johnson's enthusiasm for the COJO OPEN is palpable. "My goal is to build the biggest roping event in the United States. When I step out on stage, I don’t want to just play a show. I want it to be the best show you’ve ever seen. I want this roping to be the same way. This hat is real, this buckle is real, this music is real and this roping will be real, too."

For those eager to witness or participate in this landmark event, entries are open, and tickets are on sale now at The COJO OPEN, produced by Ullman Peterson Events, is poised to become a cornerstone of the team roping calendar, blending high-stakes competition with heartfelt charity.

In Johnson's own words, the COJO OPEN is set to be "life-changing," and fans and roping enthusiasts alike won't want to miss this unique blend of music, sport, and philanthropy.


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