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Cody Johnson's "The Painter" Is A Masterclass In I Love You & Tribute To Wife Brandi

If you don't have Cody Johnson on your playlist, you are truly missing out!


Steadfast in country music traditionalism Cody Johnson continues his reign as the newest cowboy on the block with the tender and effervescent The Painter. Written by Benjy Davis, Kat Higgins and Ryan Larkins and produced by Trent Willmon, the track perfectly personifies the transformation that one has when they finally find their person.

“My favorite lyric in ‘The Painter’ is ‘for every wall I built, she saw a canvas.’ If there’s anything that describes my marriage with my wife, Brandi, it’s that line. “And that’s why we’ve been together for 15 years," Cody shared of his connection to the track.

The Painter not only says I love you, but expands on all the emotive moments that follow. Cody’s classic tone is unmatched and narrates a story that only comes along once in a generation. But for Cody the truth that he finds in the song allows him to effortlessly deliver the tender track. Capturing each milestone and highlighting all the reasons he has fallen head over boots, The Painter is a beaming masterclass in what a love song should be.

I hope my fans are encouraged to take the time to appreciate the people they have around them. The ones who make their life beautiful and bring all the beautiful colors to their world when it could just be black and white and dark. Remember them and tell them you love them.”

I don’t remember / life before she came into the picture / Brought the beauty I was missing with her / Showed me colors I ain’t ever seen,” Johnson's Texas croon sings with loving conviction. “She took chances / With every wall, I built she saw a canvas / I thank god every day for how he made her / My life was black and white but she’s the painter.”

Cody's own journey is woven into each lyric and invites fans to share their love story as well. An ode to anyone who “Gets excited about all my crazy dreams," The Painter is a once in a lifetime song that will surely transcend generations of country music fans.

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