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Cody Johnson Teases New Music With Look Inside The Recording Studio.

February 1st 2023

COJO Nation rejoice, we may be getting new Cody Johnson music sooner than later! Today the CMA winner took to social media to share the news.

First lets note Cody does not record songs while wearing his signature hat. But beyond that, its important to note the two other men. Trent Willmon, a fellow Texas native and longtime collaborator is there. Trent as been apart of a dozen Cojo hits like "Diamond In My Pocket," "Never Go Home Again," "With You I Am," and our personal favorite "Wild As You."

But lets not forget country music great Jack Clarke, who was the sound mastermind behind many a hit. Clarke has achieved success in the music industry and has been nominated for his collaboration with Cody Johnson on his hit single, “Til You Can’t” as the mix engineer. You might be wondering exactly what a mix engineer does. Clarke combines all the different sonic elements of a song into a final version, along with managing recording sessions to capture the perfect sound quality of the songs you hear on the radio.

Well this trio seems to be a great mix, and we can't wait to see what is cooking'.

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