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Colbie Caillat Sells Out The Hotel Cafe Twice In One Night!

With her new album "Along The Way" on the way, Colbie Caillat reintroduced herself, her story, and her raw talent to two back-to-back sold out crowds at The Hotel Cafe on Monday, March 27th, 2023. Those lucky enough to attend went on a trip down memory lane as Colbie played her classics such as Lucky, Try, Realize, and of course Bubbly. But the highlight of the night was the new music she shared, which is only a hint of what's next from the incredibly talented singer/songwriter.

Colbie shared she shot a music video a couple days ago, and how it made her reminisce on all her old music videos. She told the stories of each of her old songs before playing them, giving the audience an inside look into her writing process and musical journey through the years.

The new music coming from Colbie, especially her song Worth It, is about cherishing a relationship you've had, and expresses that not all breakups or endings are bad things. "This entire record is about how it's okay when things end and being hopeful for new beginnings." She was in good spirits surrounded by friends, family, and fans who adore her.

Here's a quick recap from the All Country News Instagram!


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