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Cole Swindell Unites With Country Icon For "She Had Me At Heads Carolina" Video And Teases News

Cole Swindell is wasting no time amplifying the success of his fastest-rising single. On Thursday, Cole released the music video for "She Had Me At Heads Carolina", and it comes with many fun surprises.

First and foremost, we get a Jo Dee Messina appearance, who plays the role of the bartender at the party. In an Instagram Live video that Cole posted Thursday, Cole explains the video shoot was actually the first time he was able to meet Jo Dee, who originally released "Heads Carolina, Tails California" in 1996.

"I was nervous," Cole expressed in the Instagram Live. "I told her, ‘You’re going to make this whole video.'"

The shooting of the video was by no means a cakewalk. Cole shared that him and the crew were working on the video until nearly 3am! That crew also happened to include Tim Nichols, and a picture of Mark Sanders, two of the writers of Jo Dee's original song. It was Jo Dee's idea to include the picture of Mark because he couldn't attend the shooting of the video. Cole shared a funny story in his Instagram Live video that they actually lost the picture print-out for a couple hours during the shoot, but ultimately found it and they hung it up by the bar. The karaoke-themed party that drove the story of the video sure brought in quite the reunion. And not to mention, Cole's girlfriend, Courtney Little, made sure to get in on the fun with a cameo appearance of her own. She's no stranger to Cole's music videos, as she also appeared in his video for "Some Habits".

The music video is one not to be missed, but Cole provided reason to be excited about even more. Cole shared that he and his team are figuring out how to get a remixed version of the song out there. And that remixed version you ask? That would be with Jo Dee Messina herself. Stay tuned… as Cole promises "it will be worth it."

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