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Colton James Celebrates "America" in Seven-Song EP

Country music often reflects an artist's connection to their roots, and newcomer Colton James takes that concept to new levels. Today, he dropped a seven-song EP, fittingly titled "America," which illustrates the singer's pride in his country.

Photo credit: Chelsea Thompson

Fans had already heard the phenomenal "I Miss America" and "Ring On Her Finger." The five new tracks, most notably the moving "Brave Men," smoothly complete James' story. Overall, America exemplifies James' natural ability to craft a sonically diverse yet thematically cohesive project. The songs work equally well as standalones and in the context of the EP.

“I do it for the love of my family, for the love of my friends, for the love of my country, but mostly for the love of God. Without God, I wouldn’t be here," James reflects. Such an approach, which guides him both as an artist and a person, allows him to remain grounded. Hearing worship music, especially when his mother sang live in church, inspired James to follow such a career path.

James doesn't stop at writing lyrics that honor his country and lifestyle. He additionally introduces himself to the world through television and charity work. The upcoming Reel Water Cowboy, produced with Kentucky Derby winner Rick Dawson, highlights music, fishing, and cuisine. Last but not least, he is launching the Land 4 Heroes Lodge, a nonprofit which will give back to veterans and their families.

James' down-to-earth nature and vivid, communicative lyricism sets him apart. No matter how much his star rises, he will never forget why he started. We can't wait to see what he does next, and are honored to support him on his one-of-a-kind journey!

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