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Conner Smith Enters New Musical Chapter With Energetic Single "Creek Will Rise"

In his latest single, Conner tells us that the “Creek Will Rise,” just like the singer himself will to the top of the charts. Exploring new facets to his pop-country sound, he has put out yet another catchy, irresistible anthem that’s guaranteed to be stuck in your head.

Photo Credit: Jack Owens

“Creek Will Rise,” which appropriately arrives right before March and warmer weather, paints a vivid picture of a whirlwind romance against the backdrop of the outdoors. The verses and chorus employ vivid imagery and motifs of nature to bring life to his layered lyrics. The listener feels as if they could witness the song’s events firsthand.

Conveying a turning point, the impactful bridge seamlessly weaves a spoken word component into the song. It also contains the cheekiest, blink-and-you’ll-miss it line: “The radio won’t even let me tell you the rest!” Conner, you’re iconic for this.

And as if that’s not enough, he accompanies the track's release with a true cinematic masterpiece of a music video. “This music video is special to me because it is an adventure that my best friend, my brother, and I took down in Louisiana,” says Conner. “It brings the energy of the song to life visually and I’m so happy to have that memory captured as the video for this song.”

The song drops in the middle of his If I Went To College Tour, which he has already added "Creek Will Rise" to the setlist of. Conner reflects that this blood-pumping track "has already taken [his] live show to a new level, and feels like the start of the next chapter of [his] music.”

Since his breakthrough with “I Hate Alabama,” Conner has quickly been developing his artistry and storytelling, outdoing himself with every new project. “Creek Will Rise” is easily some of his best work yet, adding a fresh, hip twist to staples of bluegrass and 90s country. Conner’s distinctive voice, willingness to take risks, and relaxed approach to telling stories truly make him special. He’s only going up from here!


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