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Cooper Alan to Release New Song “Shoes Under My Bed” Friday

Cooper Alan is ready to end the year on a high note. Days before the end of 2022, Cooper took to Instagram to preview a new song he’s not wasting any time to release. “Shoes Under My Bed” is set to release this Friday, December 23rd.

Wearing his “Winston Salem, NC” hat and classic Patagonia jacket, Cooper gave a little preview of the song lyrics from his car. The melodic love song is sure to be leaving fans full of emotion as we approach 2023:

“You can leave your makeup in my sink. And fill my closet full of pink. I want your mess all in my mess. Baby, I want your shoes under my bed.”

Just this year, TikTok mashup star Cooper Alan has gone on a full headlining tour (selling out many dates), planned a wedding, and made his Grand Ole Opry debut. His music has over 100 million streams and has over 10 million followers across his social media platforms.

2023 should have a lot in store for Cooper as he already has several festival dates lined up, including Stagecoach, Tailgates N’ Tallboys, Country Concert, Tidalwave, and more. For tour dates, visit Cooper’s website at To pre-save “Shoes Under My Bed”, go to

In the meantime, Cooper is participating in the “Never Alone Challenge” and is importantly preaching to support the Inspiring Children Foundation to benefit mental health. Go to if you want to support Cooper’s cause, and he’s also challenging Alexandra Kay and Thomas Mac!

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