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Country Innovator Dax Teams Up With Darius Rucker To Share A Universal Message In “To Be A Man”

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Country music has always been a tried and true vessel for poignant stories, and country riser Dax surpasses all expectations.

What happens what a country music innovator teams up with one of the most prolific voices in the genre team up, you get a little of Music City magic. Citing the track as the most important song he has ever written, Dax stirs up the country music scene by speaking of truths that often go deaf on the ears that need it the most.

The even tempo piano driven ballad taps into all the pressures that our society often puts on men, and the insecurities that often go unseen. The push and pull of surviving and providing echos throughout the whole track. The Canadian-born Nigerian tunesmith is carving his own lane in the industry using his topic-driven music to generate conversation and ultimately change.

I can't hide myself

I don't expect you to understand

I just hope I can explain

What it's like to be a man

It's a lonely road

And they don't care 'bout what you know

It's not 'bout how you feel

But what you provide inside that home

Refusing to be defined by the chains that genres often bring Dax says that "My GENRE of MUSIC is called IMPACT." And impactful it is. Garnering praise from fans and fellow artists alike, Dax's untamed creativity is worth standing on a soap box for. Unafraid to share his lyric venerability the song in which the riser says took 29 years to write came just at the right time. In a era where men still struggles to often ignite their own truths, Dax serves as a light and mentor for conversation and change.

"Having to opportunity to work with a Legend like Darius Rucker was amazing and something I’ll never forget. ⁃ I’m praying this song reaches those who need it. ⁃ To Be A Man is the most important song I’ve ever written. Everyone can relate," Dax shared with All Country News.

The track's connectivity is not only magnetic but a breath of fresh air in a genre that can often seem without a vision or direction. Currently sitting at the coveted #1 spot on iTunes, the universal track takes on a much needed higher power. Steadfast in connecting with those who need it most and creating stories for them to latch on to, Dax is leading the charge of artists whom are ready to speak up.


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