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Country Music Duo Southerland Makes Modern Traditional Twang To New Heights In Self Titled EP

Close your eyes and ask yourself what three things you think make up good country music. For us its a little bit of twang, a strong storyline and a touch of traditionalism. Well, country duo Southerland and their self titled EP check all the boxes and more.

The six track EP is crafted with care and from the jump you can tell that the duo's creativity was at an all time high. The made for country pairing of Chris Rogers and Matt Chase have been waiting for this opportunity and damn did they seize the moment.

“This EP is a long time coming,” says Southerland. “Since our last collective release we have been working really hard in the writers room and in the studio to capture the magic of who Southerland is and wants to be. We can’t wait for fans to hear it. It’s one we can truly hang our hat on.”

Starting out with a bang, Ain't For Me sets the tone for the whole project. With a touch of early 2000's twang the upbeat love tune is catchy and guitar heavy. The tune speaks of a guy in love and willing to do anything for that "shine in her hazel eyes."

Switching gears, the duo slows it down and adds a little bit of sweet sentiment to the project. 3 Minutes is far from another cheesy county love song, but rather a well thought out song within a song. Matt and Chase have the superpower of turning the ordinary in to extra ordinary with a touch of twang. The song's sweet melody matches the signature tone of the duo and was even used for Chris's own wedding.

The duo's harmonies really come to life in the toe tapping Down The Road the honky tonk heater Underpaid and Overserved and the barn burner Ice Cold Country Music. One of the best parts of this duo is there isnt this looming competition of their voices. Each vocal shines in their own way and in turn makes these friends stand out.

Tying the project up with the perfect bow, Southerland shows they are no one trick pony. The duo's approach often relies on trade-offs, which works extremely well in the chorus of World Without You. The picturesque lyrics just sort of rolled out, as they tried to create something more free-flowing and less hard-hitting than their previous work. It incorporates aspects of 90s country, which both members grew up on. "Starting as a duo, that's what inspired us from the beginning," Southerland told All Country News. The song contains just the right amount of production, free from bells and whistles that would take away from its genuine qualities.

It is apparent that Matt and Chase are doing what they love. Their authenticity makes them stand apart in an often crowded Nashville noise. For us their traditional framework and modern creativity will give them a strong foundation for decades to come. From top to bottom the EP shows their range, depth and overall love of country music. If you haven't added Southerland into your daily country playlist, you better hop on the train now.


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