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Country Music Fans Can Now Stay in Dolly Parton's "Gypsy Wagon"

Get ready, Dolly Parton fans, because you can now rent out the acclaimed singer's tour bus for $10,000 a stay - which comes complete with her old wigs and clothes still in the closets. The country star, now 76, spent more than 13 years calling the motorcoach her home - and now, you can experience it for yourself.

The bus itself sleeps up to two guests, but each stay also comes with a guest room in the resort, which can fit up to four additional people. It also includes VIP dining for four guests. Dolly lived on the bus from late 2008 to March 2022, during which it traveled roughly 360,000 miles around America through her Better Day, Blue Smoke, and Pure & Simple tours, to name a few. Described as her 'home away from home,' the 45-foot bus was also the place where Dolly penned some of her most famous work, including her albums Backwoods Barbie and Nine to Five the Musical.

Filled with old relics like pieces of her favorite jewelry, wigs, and items of clothing she previously wore, the bus, which is called the Dolly Suite 1986, is a 'once-in-a-lifetime opportunity' for fans and 'the ultimate behind-the-scenes Dolly Parton experience,' according to its website.

Designed by Dolly and her sisters, the motorcoach offers a unique glimpse into Dolly’s life on the road,' a description reads. 'This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity truly is the ultimate behind-the-scenes Dolly Parton experience. Guests will stay in Dolly’s most recent personal sanctuary, a place during the last 15 years where she wrote dozens of songs and worked on a number of hit projects that have continued to confirm her status as an international superstar.

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