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Country Music Innovator Griffen Palmer's Debut Album Captures Creativity At It's Best

If you don't know the name Griffen Palmer, we strongly suggest you keep reading.

Today country riser Griffen Palmer's debut album establishes him and one of the best tunesmiths in town. His influences include rock legends like The Eagles and Elton John, as well as pop singer-songwriters such as Kings Of Leon, but ultimately he found a home in country music. His writing credits include Florida Georgia Line, Keith Urban, The Band Camino, Chelsea Cutler, MacKenzie Porter, Lily Rose, and Jade Eagleson, just to name a few. He’s scored collaborations with the Grammy-winning veterans Shane McAnally and Geoff Warburton.

The ten tunes via Big Loud Records is the perfect collection of debut tracks. The project includes his Songland hit Second Guessing amoung nine other tracks that give fans a glimpse into his creative genius.

Leaning into that country music artistry is 25 To Life. Perhaps the most impressive is the song's lyrics. Palmer so effortlessly sews words together that if you don't listen closely may sound like he is headed behind bars instead of singing to "the prettiest thing that I’ve seen behind a bar." Palmer takes listeners on a poetic journey of love. Backed by a reimagined pedal stele and unique sonic approach, 25 To Life takes a classic theme and turns it on its head.

Not shying away from her vulnerable side, Unlearn helps him to stretch that muscle even more. Reflecting on his understanding of love from growing up with divorced parents. “This one meant a lot to me when we wrote it, and that feeling grows for me every time we play it," Palmer said. “It’s a song that I really needed when I was younger, so I’m hoping that people out there that feel like I did when I was a kid might hear it now. I just hope it makes them feel understood."

A favorite off the project has to be Came Here To Leave. First off just wow! The raw piano and minimal production tell the story of the couple in a whirlwind love set in a small-town bar. The painfully relatable tune blissfully recounts of a couple hell bent of leaving the bar and just being together. "It is all about that instant electricity," Griffen told All Country News.

But lets not forget the original How Many Beers. The heartbreak tune truly lets Griffen show off his clever word play and authentic self go wild! Just listen to it, we promise it will be on rotation for you and your friends.

Noting the simple yet effective production on this project. It is almost another player in each song, allowing listeners to truly put themselves in the song. "Everything you hear in the production had to be like a deliberate choice as to like what we want this thing to sound like."

Rounding out the impressive project is the clever and smooth Bottles On The Table. Let's just say it is Justin Timberlake does country. Griffen's silky smooth vocals tell the tale of push and pull a love interest can feel asking "are we leaving more than bottles on the table." Maybe I'm buzzed or maybe there is more to us. It is this creative spark that sets Palmer apart. Funny enough the smooth tune came together while Griffen was on a run and he recorded voice memos while at stoplights.

The album is truly a labor of love and it shows. Palmer isn’t your average wannabe country singer who relies on small-town stereotypes and overdone techniques - he’s a masterful storyteller who means every word he writes.


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