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Country Newcomer Eli Winders Chases Down A Dream In Debut Single "Pack My Hometown"

Being a dreamer is hard, and no one knows that feeling better than 19 year old country singer songwriter Eli Winders.

Today the North Carolinian shares that dream with the world is his engaging and honest debut single Pack My Hometown. The raw track is not only a commitment to that dream but to his craft. Delivering a deep understanding of engaging lyrics and soft melodies, Winders earnestly connects with the wanderlust in us all.

I’m excited to release ‘Pack My Hometown’ of course because it’s my first single, but also because it amazes me that a song so specific to my life resonates with other people," Eli shares in a press release.

Eli's soft tone and sublime cadence offer up a song that is not only winsome but offers up hope. Like a page out of a personal journal, Eli seemingly narrates his own journey to Music City, because like he so sweetly sings "if I can cross that county line, who knows how far I'll get."

Perhaps the most impressive part is how Eli is able to personify the dream. Every step of leaving your home and all the nerves that come with it, Eli is able to capture in word, evoking a painfully relatable emotion.

"The reaction to “Pack My Hometown” has absolutely blown me away," Eli told All Country News exclusively. "When I started writing this song I had no intention of putting it out as a single. The way people have connected with it so far has really opened my eyes to see that people are going through the exact same thing as me."

Throughout 2022, Winders dedicated his days to working in a feed mill, attending college classes at night, and scribbling song ideas between it all, a sign of a true dreamer. His first breakthrough arrived when he began sharing his musical talents online. By posting heartfelt covers and soul-stirring original songs, and garnering a global fan base.

In a genre that all to often lacks depth, Eli Winders is able to break through. The track is swift return to the sounds and sonics that connect all country daydreamers, Pack My Hometown is only the beginning for Eli and a hell of a debut.


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