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Country Newcomer Micah Fletcher Proves That TikTok Is King With Debut Single Announcement

January 31st 2023

Country music marketing has become at the forefront of the genre these days. From artists teasing songs to sometimes have them go viral, seems to be the trend.

Enter Micah Fletcher, a country newcomer with a unique sound and story. Straight out of Gordonsville, Virginia, Micah Fletcher describes his sound as “a modern/mid-2000s Country feel." Micah's sound demands attention, and it has!

It is no shock that Fletcher has music in his veins. Growingup in a musically inclined family, including hismother, father, and threesiblings, Micah’s naturally amazingvoice was a birthright. Hewas raised playingguitar and piano, taughtby his mother,while his father nurturedMicah’s one-of-a-kind voice andsingingskills. Raisedwithlove, excitement, and an ever-evolvingpassion for music, it was inevitable that Micahwould venture out to master other instruments, includingdrums, which he taught himself to play.

“My childhood was amazing growing up. Everything was always so much fun and stress-free,”Micahreflects. “I have amazing parentsand we always put God first! I’m very close with all my siblings. I was homeschooled as a kid my whole life and I always had time with my siblings to sing and play outside in the country."

Clearly his experiences has shaped him as an artist. Growing in a small town forced him to start his career the old fashion way. Pounding the pavement in local bars and to anyone who would listen! While his work ethic grew, he knew he needed to reach more fans. While, the people in his town were his first fans and the beginning of what is now growing into a powerful fanbase. Once Micah focused his talent on social media, that’s when the world began to take notice, and it has been love at first listen for his fans. Not to mention the praise of some Nashville record labels!

The 18 year old is excited that his debut single "The Look In Your Eyes" is his welcome to the genre and is excited to grow more as an artist. His soulful cadence and timely lyrics have fans flocking to the song on socials. Micah takes the tride and true idea of seeing a beautiful girl for the first time, but spinning it on it's head with updated 2023 storyline.

It's the way you smile

When I call you mine

“‘The Look In Your Eyes’ was a thought I had in my head for a couple of months,” he says. “My favorite thing to do is pay attention to people’s eyes. So,I wanted to write a song about a part of the body that is most important to me and that sticks out to me! I wrote it with the thought in my head of meeting the girl that I’m going to spend the rest of my life with and her sitting in my passenger seat, with her eyes glowing in the sunlight. It gave me a lot of inspiration to think of that, and I just started writing."

Micah's approach to country music will have him go far. Yes fame and money is great, but Fletcher is getting his eyes higher! “I want to change country music for the better and write deep songs,tell stories that stick with people and help them through their darkest days."

That is country music. The connection, the story and the feeling we can share collectively as a fan base. We have a good gut feeling that Micah's goals and talent will bring him far!

Presave Micah Fletcher's debut single HERE!

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