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Country Outlaw Warren Zeiders Sells Out In Chicago. "I Won't Play By The Rules"

Joe's Live in Rosemont Illinois was packed to the brim on Friday night as bonified outlaw Warren Zeiders and his Pretty Little Poison Tour rolled through.

The lost college grad turned social media phenom proved that TikTok does translate to tickets during this sold out show!

Warren's energy was infectious from the jump and never gave up for the full 75 minute set. From the front row, to the balcony and even back at the bar, Warren's fans where there to party and knew every word.

Opening up with his rockin' country tune Up To Know Good, Zeiders set the tone early on. His set also included fan favorites as Dark Night and Never Look Back.

"It began with you guys," Warren told the crowd. You all believed in me. Two years ago I graduated college and really didn't know what to do! But now I do." The crowed roared before Zeiders and only his guitar played the song that started it all, a cover of Koe Wetzel's Drunk Driving.

Picking the energy back up with the guitar ridden Heavy Pour and his viral hit Ride The Lighting both left fans singing over the band. Perhaps the best moment of the night was Warren's delight when fans sang back all the words to his latest single Pretty Little Poison.

"The music that I make is the music that brought us all together. I’m going to be myself and not play by the rules. I won’t be cookie cutter I’ll continue to fight that battle," Zeiders told the crowd before ending the night with his high energy hit Burn It Down.

From top to bottom Warren's proudly independent spirit echoed. It really is no shock that Zeiders' vibe and values resinate with so many. We think this is just the beginning!


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