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Country Riser Griffen Palmer Grapples With Heartache In Bright New Track 'Heart Of Exes'

Today the country riser's new track establishes him and one of the best tunesmiths in town.

Photo Credit: Chris Hornbuckle

Unconventional yet universal, Music Row magian Griffen Palmer gifts fans a track to have on repeat with Heart Of Exes. Known for his creative take on everyday topics, the new song is so exception. Fresh off his wildly innovative debut album, Palmer once again shares a story that any heartbroken fool can relate to.

Often the backbone of country music is overlooked, but Palmer takes storytelling to new heights. Reminiscent of the double entendres of 90's and 2000's country music, Griffen thrusts listeners into a whirlwind heartache story. Highlighted by the riser's intoxicating tenor, he narrates the plethora of emotions that overcome him as he is crying in his beer. Full of bright Texas sized analogies, Palmer manages to capture the internal chaos we feel as we navigate getting over an old flame.

Now I’m down here sippin’ tear filled beers Holding back that I miss you message Racked up tab halfway to hurt bad Buying rounds for all of my questions I guess this is what it looks like When a good girl goodbyes Now I’m 700 miles from her lone star smile confessin' I’m stuck deep in the heart of Exes Down down down down down here Deep in the heart of Exes

“I think this song speaks to a feeling we've all experienced before,” shares Palmer. "The feeling where after a relationship ends, no matter how long it's been or how far you try to get away from it, a part of you still feels stuck in the moments you remember with that person. Although this is undeniably a breakup song, it's also a love letter to all of the shared experiences and moments with this other person in the seemingly 'magical' place where it all happened," Palmer said in a press statement.

Full of country charisma, Palmer isn’t your average wannabe country singer who relies on small-town stereotypes and overdone techniques - he’s a masterful storyteller who means every word he writes. All aboard the GP train.


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