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Country Riser Griffen Palmer's New Single "25 To Life" Scream Country Music Creativity

Photo Credit: Chris Hornbuckle

If you don't know the name Griffen Palmer, we strongly suggest you keep reading. Hot off the heals of his of his version of Songland-winning ballad Second Guessing,” the song that has him named one of SiriusXM The Highway’s “Highway Finds” Griffen is back with a clever and fresh take on love.

“I've been waiting to share this song for a long time," shares Palmer in a press release.

Palmer takes listeners on a poetic journey of love. Backed by a reimagined pedal stele and unique sonic approach, "25 To Life" takes a classic theme and turns it on its head.

I’ve been on the run from New York to Texas

But you had me locked down from the first very first sentence

Perhaps the most impressive is the song's lyrics. Palmer so effortlessly sews words together that if you don't listen closely may sound like he is headed behind bars instead of singing to "the prettiest thing that I’ve seen behind a bar."

Often the backbone of country music is overlooked, but Palmer takes storytelling to new heights. Reminiscent of the double entendres of 90's and 2000's country music, Griffen thrusts listeners into a whirlwind love story. It is safe to say that Griffen is a wonderful example of what country music needs to get back to, a strong story, minimal production and a smooth tone. Griffen Palmer and "25 To Life" is setting the standard of what country music can be once again!


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