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Country Riser Jagger Whitaker's Heartache Shuts Down The Bar In New Single "Last Call"

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Jagger Whitaker is sick and tired of shutting down the bar thanks to a broken heart.

Photo Credit: Chlee Lisi

Premiering exclusively today on All Country News, the Mississippi native stamps his mark in the industry with his new single Last Call.

In a genre where modern traditionalists can get overlooked, Whitaker demands to be seen! Full of classic yet refreshing sonics and a fresh take on being heart broken in a bar, Jagger Whitaker's unique blend of Mississippi mud and classic country is a swift and welcomed return to the sounds we all love.

'Last Call' is about a man who just lost his love over a phone call and seeks refuge in the presence of the bartender, unburdening himself about the heart-wrenching end of his relationship and expressing his inability to endure yet another 'Last Call," the riser told All Country News

She’s had enough She won’t pick up I guess this is where it ends So Line em up one by one Tall and strong Cause I can’t take another last call

The track was inspired by the humblest of places, a Nashville bar. I was sitting at a rooftop bar when the bartender called out last call. A man also sitting at the bar said, “man don’t say that!” It hit me right there. The next morning I had a write with Payton Smith where we really dug deep and poured out all of the emotion we could find and put it into words. I loved the song more than any song I had ever written right off the bat but wanted to wait for the right time to put it out. I met with my producer John Newsome and told him. I want the production to hit as hard and emotional as the lyrics. Needless to say. He did that! I couldn’t be more proud of a song and the group of guys that helped it be what it is today."

Co-written by Jagger and buddy Payton Smith, the painfully relatable track offers up a new and creative side to heartache. Taking responsibility for his actions, Jagger once again finds himself at the local watering hole in "that neon shinin ... throwin back a double."

Bold, gritty and refreshing, Jagger Whitaker's raw and real take on country music make him star to watch.


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