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Country Riser Reid Haughton's Grandfather's Words Shaped His Latest Single "Man Made Money"

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Inspiration can strike anywhere, even from a Grandfather's joke. Today, Alabama native and riser Reid Haughton spins a vivid story from one simple line "I got the money honey, if you got the time."

Full of swampy bass and a steady beat, "Man Made Money" transports listeners into a southern rock oasis. Full of down home feel and Reid's subtle twang, it is hard not to crank the song up to 100. The song captures the essence of a man who will make money in whatever way he can to keep his woman happy. Motived by his pretty girl's smile, Reid wakes up every day ready to bring home the money.

Everyday I get up and put my feet on the ground 

Cause a pretty girls smile makes the world go round 

She loves to spend it and so I save 

Every last dollar I ever made 

We know it ain’t about the milk and honey 

God made women 

So man made money

"I wrote the song in May of last year and it was my first write with one of my songwriting heroes and fellow Alabamian Adam Hood," Reid tells All Country News. "I had been hanging onto the title for a while and decided to throw it out that day. I knew about halfway through the write that I loved this tune and wanted to record it ASAP. About a month later,  I realized I had taken that idea from my grandpa. I once heard him say to my grandma years ago, ‘I got the money, honey if you’ve got the time’ while they were out shopping. I’m proud of the way it turned out and I’m excited to put it out to the world.”

First teased in the summer of 2023 on his social's, fans have been begging for the classic country tune. Since then, the viral track was racked up millions of views, and thousands of thanks relating to the swampy track.

Full of soul and a fresh perspective, Reid's southern point of view is much needed on Music Row. His approachable style of lyricism evokes familiar emotion and opens the door for fans to connect. If this is any indication of what is to come, we will be eagerly waiting!


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