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Country Riser Singer Brady Lee Releases Paints A Picture Of What If's In "Strangers In A Photograph"

February 3rd 2023

Country music is meant to evoke emotion and transport listeners to a time and place. Brady Lee along side American Song Contest alum Kelsey Lamb do just that!

Photo Thanks To Perkins Publicity

The story tells the tale of the ultimate "what if." From lovers to strangers Brady's picture perfect tone carries listeners through a nostalgic love story. Lamb's essence adds another point of view.

With lyrics like "More than strangers in a photograph, posing at the High School dance," help to paint a perfect picture of what could have been with the one that got away.

The longing these two ex lovers hangs in the balance, and Lamb's harmonies help to tell the timeless tale. Kelsey repeats the lyrics, "I'm over you, and you're over me, but that doesn't mean I don't miss you," brining fans inside her point of view.

In the exclusive premiere with American Songwriter, Brady reflected on the inspiration behind the single: "It's also normal to be genuinely curious and not have some sort of love flame that you want to reignite in people's lives. It's normal to want to know what old friends are doing and be able to give yourself permission to go down memory lane. That's where I wrote it from.”

The blissful and warm tones from these two truly make the song a must listen!

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