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Country Riser Trey Lewis Shows Off His Softer Side In Tender New Track "Always You"

Let's get one thing straight, Trey Lewis is one dynamic artist. The Birmingham, Alabama native is best known for breaking country’s unspoken rules, and not really caring what you think. This strong sense of self has garnered him millions of loyal fans. Continuing this call-it-like-I-see it attitude, Trey shows that he is one to be taken seriously. His latest offering is the tender yet poignant self reflection in Always You.

Lewis became a household name in 2020 with his viral hit, Dicked Down in Dallas, which hit Number One on iTunes and has garnered more than 360 million streams to date. The career-launching hit was followed by Single Again, which once again hit the top of the iTunes chart.

The tender track written by Ben Hayslip, Matt McKinney, and Jacob Rice, showcases Lewis' depth and understanding that an artist's range is what makes or breaks a career. The acoustic driven track is the perfect vessel for Trey's heartfelt southern grit and allows fans to step into the painfully relatable story. Trey's innate ability to make lyrics ooze with emotion and bring them to life is put on full display from chorus to chorus.

It was always you I was looking for, baby

Even though I didn't know it at the time

Kinda' wish you wouldn't have kept me waiting

Now I got you for the rest of my life

Worth the waiting all the heartache

Girl your love ain't a minute too soon

The answer to the prayers that I prayed

It was always, it was always you

“There’s no question that I’m a complicated man, but throughout everything that’s happened in the last few years there’s been one person that’s been able to bring out the best in me,” says Lewis. “‘Always You’ is about that person," Lewis said in a press release.

Always evolving, Trey's place in the country music ecosystem is needed. In a genre that can often seem a tad rinse and repeat, Lewis refuses to play by the rules. The often unfiltered riser is stepping into his own. Providing fans with moments they can place themselves in is a mark of a true superstar and damn does Trey Lewis have it.


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