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Country Singer Jeremy Parsons Reflects On The Troubles Of Today In New Single "Humanity"

Texas based singer-songwriter Jeremy Parsons releases his through provoking new single Humanity.

The song is a plea to society to burry their differences and realize we are all more alike than we may think.

Parsons says, “The lyrics emerged from looking at the world, choosing to slip into madness because of uncertainty and lack of was all the racism and brutality in general that occurred, which was and still is mind-boggling to me. It should've been an awakening to show us how little progress we've made in 60 years and how much further we still have to go.”

Soft yet firm, the song explores both Jeremy's creative journey as well has his personal ones. The raw production aids in the emotion of the song and the truly tender lyrics.

I see that humanity is dying inside you/How do you plan to save you from yourself/

Yeah good and bad seeds get planted all around us/I have seen and learned this lesson well/Yeah withered souls will never know true wealth

Music can be a powerful reminder and reflection on us as a society. Parson's tale reminds us that we often need to reflect on our own actions and make a change.

He continues, “I had a lot of time to think about my life and career around the time I was writing all these songs. For instance, the earliest part of my career was my most successful by industry standards and opinions. Although it was a great start, I did not like the energy and people I was surrounded by. It always felt gross and like the focus wasn't on making art. It was about this constant need to be relevant but unwilling to adapt. It was excruciating to watch. I decided then and there that I would always follow the creative current.”

Staying true to himself, Jeremy Parson's and Humanity are a bold reminder that personal reflection is key.


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