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Country Trailblazer Blanco Brown Puts His Own Spin On A John Denver Classic

The reimagined track was born out of a request from the John Denver estate to the country music innovator.

Photo Credit: J. Kaviar

You must be living under a rock if you have never heard the John Denver classic Take Me Home, Country Roads. A staple in the country music conversation the 1971 hit was a first of its kind, blending new sounds and setting Music City ablaze. Steadfast in that tradition of honoring new sounds and innovation, enter 11x platinum Blanco Brown. This release is a testament to Brown’s artistry and his commitment to preserving the rich heritage of country music while bringing it into a new era.

Putting a modern spin on the timeless classic, Blanco does what he does best, bring people together. Seamlessly melding elements of Hip Hop, R&B and the New York native's signature rich tone will no doubt bring people from all walks of life together in the name of country music!

"Getting asked by the John Denver estate to put a new spin on this song was just incredible,” recalls Blanco in a press statement. “I remember hearing this song at football games and it always had that big anthem feel. When the estate shared the original tracks, I could hear John’s banter before and after, so I really got a feel of what John was feeling when he sang this hit. I just love this song and we got to toss some 808 beats and high hats on it to give it a whole new energy.”

Always aiming to bring people together, Blanco's take on the classic marks a major moment for country music. For over five decades the heartfelt song has been played at football games from being the source of a feel good singalong. A true innovator, Blanco Brown is carving is own lane in the name of community!


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