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Cowboy Fantasy vs. Harsh Reality: Jenna Paulette's Eye-Opening Message For Agriculture Workers

The powerful music video includes her real life hero as the main character.

Wes Walker

Rising country songstress Jenna Paulette's latest music video serves a powerful reminder that mental health does not discriminate. Aiming to challenge the traditional view our society has around cowboys, Jenna's goal is to shed light on a community she holds dear. Sitting down exclusively with All Country News, Jenna chats about her “You Ain’t No Cowboy” video and her journey of advocacy.

"I hope it creates an openness about mental health among the toughest community out there…agriculture," Jenna says of her community. Paulette first fell in love with country music and its culture as a young girl, feeling most at home when helping her grandfather on their ranch in Thackerville, Oklahoma. Looking up to the men in her life, she took notice to the "no pain no gain" attitude they carried with them through tough moments like selling off cattle or the financial stress of drought. Now as an adult, Jenna has felt the strain and seen the direct effects. "The love of my life very much so deals with mental health issues and addiction and he overcame and is overcoming," Jenna openly shared with us.

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It is that strong bond that began the conversation of not only the powerful message the track would share but who would star in the equally touching music video. The cinematic music video follows the story of a rancher struggling with demons and finally coming to terms that he needs help. To add to the story, Jenna's own man Ross bravely acts as the main character sharing real life snippets of his own journey.

"He had not held a bottle in years," Jenna said of Ross during the filming process. "There were defiantly some triggering moments for him. Then also being confronted with himself when he watched it back. That was emotional for all of us, especially the bathroom scene. I knew him after he quit using and drinking. He made a conscious decision to take his life back and with grace and the strength of God, good men and family around him he was able to do it,” she adds.

Wes Walker

Directed by Quinton Cook, the video spans nearly five minutes with the intention of encouraging mental health conversations among ag workers and providing resources for them to seek help by directing people to the 988 Suicide & Crisis Hotline. Opening with the sobering fact from the National Rural Health Association that the suicide rate among the agriculture community is 3.5 times higher than the national average.

With over 70k views and climbing, the ranching community has also grasped onto the message with one fan commenting ,"Not only was that song amazing, but this video exemplifies such a beautiful testimony! In this industry we all face hardships & it’s nice to know that we understand/acknowledge that collectively. The agricultural community is the definition of tough yet we sometimes need that support & reassurance. Thank you for this amazing song Jenna!"

"I want to change the conversation," Jenna shared. 'Whats the point of putting out music that in a couple generations it may be forgotten about, it is about making an impact. The video has only been out for a week or so, and the amount of messages from wives of men struggling makes me feel like I made the right choice. I hope the video gives people an opportunity to see that you can overcome. it's just always been about something bigger for me."

A true trailblazer, the CMT Next Women of Country alum and Apple Music’s Country Riser of the Month for March 2023, stays true to her roots. A cowgirl who came of age amid the gritty realities of ranch life — is part of Nashville’s growing wave of female artists who are rewriting the rules and charting their own paths.


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