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Craig Morgan Covers "God, Family, Country" In New Album & Book

Craig Morgan has worn many hats in life - including as a singer, songwriter, father, husband, Army veteran, and now the author of his own memoir. Sharing a name with his newly released record God, Family, Country, Morgan introduces crucial pieces of his identity and experiences to fans.

"The book would've always been God, Family, Country, whether I did an album by that name or not," Morgan told All Country News. "Those are the three most important things in my life, and in that order." This concept inspired the title track of God, Family, Country, whose deluxe edition dropped this morning to immense critical acclaim. The album release coincides with Morgan's tour-ending sold out show at the historical Ryman Auditorium, as well as Veteran's Day. The latter is somewhat symbolic, as Morgan himself served in the U.S. Army. "Any time I'm given the opportunity to bring a light to our veterans, I do it," said Morgan.

None other than Blake Shelton wrote the book's foreword. “Like his music, Craig Morgan’s memoir will move you. I was inspired by Craig’s journey, his many surprise accomplishments, and the way he has trusted his values to guide him through the highs and lows of his remarkable life,” said the musician and The Voice coach.

In the book, Morgan truly wears his heart on his sleeve, revealing parts of himself that even his wife hadn't heard in much detail before. He doesn't shy away from covering his experiences with the Army and CIA, topics he has previously hesitated to discuss. Several fans have already reached out to the singer on social media, sharing how his stories have positively impacted them. With this transparent and personal project, Morgan hopes to motivate readers to do more good. "This is a wonderful country, and a wonderful world we live in. We gotta take care of it, and we gotta take care of each other," Morgan said to us.

Employing the mediums of a memoir and a country album allow Morgan to authentically share himself with fans. He feels that other types of music, such as rock and blues, would confine him to a certain vein. However, country is an all-encompassing genre that has the greatest potential to convey one's experiences accurately, as well as reach a wide audience. "No matter where you're at, I think every one of these songs tell great stories. That's what country music does better than any other genre," reflected Morgan. The artist takes full advantage of country music's inclusiveness and uniqueness, in that regard, to share multiple pieces of himself with the world. We hope that God, Family, Country touched and inspired all of y'all like it did for us!

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