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Curt Buchan's Soulful Journey through Love and Friendship in 'What It's Worth'"

Curt Buchan, a rising singer/songwriter from Upstate New York, is making waves in the country/folk/americana scene with his latest single, "What It's Worth". Having spent the past year captivating audiences around the Hudson Valley, Curt is preparing to embark on a new chapter in Arizona, bringing his unique blend of storytelling to the desert landscape.

Influenced by the sounds of John Denver and shaped by his love for fly fishing and the mountains, Curt's music captures the essence of life's beauty and challenges. His style, a harmonious fusion of country, folk, and Americana, reflects his journey as a young singer exploring the rich tapestry of human experiences.

"What It's Worth" holds special significance, written for the wedding of his cousin Brooke and best friend Kaleb, the local high school quarterback. Curt shares, "They've always had a special spot in my heart, so it was the easiest song to write for me." Collaborating with the talented group Low Gap and Upstate NY native Madison Shulkin on fiddle and cello, the single took shape, offering a heartfelt narrative of love and life.

As Curt prepares to venture in February, his move to Arizona signals a new chapter in his musical exploration. With plans to release a series of singles, Curt Buchan is poised to broaden his horizons and share more stories through his soulful melodies.

The song's slow tempo allows every lyric to be savored and every emotion to be felt. Curt's voice, rich with passion, is perfect for the song's emotional resonance. The subtle instrumentation, including Madison Shulkin's masterful touch on fiddle and cello, complements the lyrical depth, creating an intimate and expansive musical landscape.

The lyrics of "What It's Worth" reflect Curt's sincere and moving approach to songwriting, portraying the interconnected lives of small-town friends and the enduring value of true love. The song's powerful verses underscore Curt Buchan's ability to craft narratives that resonate with the human experience, making him an artist to watch as he continues his musical journey.


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