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Cutest Dogs Owned By Country Stars

It's no secret that country artists are huge horse lovers - these majestic animals are ubiquitous in the genre's tunes. However, we would argue that dogs are the superior pet. After all, they're more likely to snuggle with you after a long day, lick your tears away when you're sad, play games with you when you're both in the mood for exercise, and share an emotional connection with you like no other. With that, here's our favorite pets of today's country music stars!

Kelsea Ballerini & Dibs

We're kicking off this list with the most adorable duo of all time. In the sensational closing track of her newest record, she sings "I got a jeep, I got a dog, I got what they call a dream job." We would also be happy with what we have if Dibs was our dog!! Plus, isn't it iconic that she named her fur baby after her #1 single? Dibs is almost as cute as Ballerini herself. Impossible challenge: try not to say "aww" at this photo.

Dolly Parton & Billy The Kid

The country music legend recently collaborated with Amazon to create a pet clothing and accessory line, appropriately named "Doggy Parton" - complete with dog-sized blond wigs. Her god-dog, Billy The Kid, is the brand's loyal ambassador and model. Just look at this good boy's cute lil face!!

Miranda Lambert & Her SEVEN PUPS!!

The country superstar, longtime animal rights activist, and MuttNation founder has one of the biggest families of furry friends we've ever seen. Currently, she's a mother to JD, Bellamy, Cher, Delta Dawn, Thelma, Louise, and ROE. Sadly, she lost her two oldest dogs, Waylon and Jessi, last year. Her husband had happily and adorably taken on the role of a dog dad when he married her - the biggest green flag you could ever find in anyone.

Dan Smyers & Missy

Already parents to four other pups (Joy, Chief, Ghost, and Mac), the Dan + Shay singer and his wife rescued the 16-year-old Missy. Heartbreakingly, their time with her only lasted from March to May of 2021, following a series of health problems and a terminal cancer diagnosis. However, we're so glad that they could give her the love, care, and treats she deserved in the last few months of her life.

Tyler Hubbard & Harley

The Florida Georgia Line singer turned breakout solo star loves to share his family life with fans - and of course, that includes his sweet golden retriever, Harley. In one of FGL's most iconic performances, the good boy joined his daddy on stage, when he sang "Sun Daze" during the Indianapolis, IN stop on tour. Fans at that show were in for a real treat.

RaeLynn & Jazz

Jazz was much more than RaeLynn's four-legged companion. As the singer is a Type 1 diabetic, Jazz was trained to detect changes in her blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, she lost her beloved and life-saving German Sheperd in 2019 to cancer. The two shared several memories together, including being on the road together when she opened for Blake Shelton. We miss this duo so much.

Overall, country music is not just home to some of the most talented artists, but also the most adorable pups. As fans, we love to witness the irreplaceable bond between our favorite artists and their dogs.

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