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Dan Reardon Captures The Feeling Of True Love In Latest Single "Heaven"

We are pretty sure that everyone has felt this moment. The euphoric feeling of falling in love and everything that brings.

Friday, New York native Dan Reardon is sharing his personal perspective on just that feeling. Heaven paints the perfect picture of the timeline of falling for that special someone. With earnest and relatable storytelling, Reardon allows fans to step right into the song.

"Heaven is actually a re-cut of a song I wrote a long time ago about a girl that I was falling in love with. Living by the water at the time, I felt inspired to sit by the beach and write about deep feelings and emotions while looking out at the steady water. It was therapeutic at the time and although it was written from a personal perspective," Dan told All Country News.

Heaven truly shows off Dan's strongpoints, a great story a familiar yet creative melody and a smooth vocal.

Its you and me for worse or better

Leaning into his passions has served well for this New Yorker, I guess it is safe to say that the love of country music really can truly spark anywhere!


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