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Dani Rose Captures Summer Love In "You Make It Feel Like Summer"

Let's face it, we have all been there, a feel good kinda love that just makes you want to stay in the sunshine and break out the pink umbrellas and frozen drinks. As the weather gets hotter so does your summertime fling.

Rising country songstress captures those breezy feelings in her latest single You Make It Feel Like Summer. The Nashville native's sweet tone narrates the seasonal tale of finding a summertime crush and the wave of feelings that come with a heated love. Not caring if "she gets burned," Dani falls head over heels and gives in to the emotions that the sunshine can bring.

You got my radio up and my windows down

you’re the sun kiss on my skin

You’re the nowhere else that I gotta be

And ya got me diving in

surfing every word you say and riding this one in

Oh lover

you make it feel like summer summer

you make it feel like summer summer

"When I got together with Ben Backus and Tiffany Goss to write this song, I told them I wanted to make something that really felt like summer. Ben started with a really fun guitar riff and Tiffany and I spouted off fun summer images. A couple hours later we had a bop that we all couldn’t stop singing," Dani tells All Country News.

The summertime bop only adds to Rose's diverse discography. With a tasteful blend of contemporary country and soaring melodies Dani's creativity shines. Giving a nod to classic images of summer Dani's new song is truly a warm weather staple.


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